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At VisionTech, we understand that deploying an ERP system can be a complex concept for your business and it involves a lot of planning as well as choosing the right strategy for its development. Our ERP experts leave no stone unturned in understanding your current business processes, your organisation methods and data footprint. After analysing your every business aspect, we ensure that your ERP investment gives the best returns as well as operational excellence.

We provide end-to-end ERP consulting services to clients in and around the UAE. We are a passionate team of tech enthusiasts offering next-generation ERP solutions for startups, enterprises, global brands, and government organisations in the UAE.

Aligning the ERP system with your business objectives, VisionTech ensures an increase in your business's efficiency with a customised ERP solution meant just for your business. Our process includes discovery, research, and extensive business planning. Additionally, our ERP consultants work in coordination with the client to corroborate an immaculate ERP implementation plan covering every requirement and business goal while combating significant industry challenges.

Our Key Offerings

VisionTech's ERP certified consultants provide a complete ERP business suite that brings your business to its full potential. With our best ERP consulting services, your business applications are unified which in return enhances your business efficiency. Utilise ERP solutions in a way that allows your organisation to manage and automate back end operations related to technology, services and human resources with the best ERP consulting firm, VisionTech.

Reap the benefits of ERP solutions that enhance your business operations, thereby, increasing the productivity of your business. When your business processes are taken care of, you are able to focus on your business end goals. Catering to your business needs and objectives, we at VisionTech we help you gather and organise your business data through ERP integrated business suite. Automate your business with VisionTech's ERP solution to reduce errors, allow modifications as and when required, easy access of data from anywhere for employee convenience and a system that measures the productivity of your business. Gift your business with efficiency and productivity using innovative ERP technology that streamlines your business data.

ERP Consulting Services

In order to give you the best ERP solution, we dive deeper into your business culture to understand your challenges with the existing system. We, at VisionTech, ensure deep analysis of your business needs and build a custom plan to streamline your business processes. Apart from this, we read your employee's minds and suggest an evolution that can be handled by your employees. For an optimal customer experience, our software selection consultants help you choose a technology that meets your end goals. Our services include:

  • ERP health check
  • ERP Audit
  • ERP software selection
  • ERP upgrades and replacements
  • ERP solution customisation
  • ERP Contract Negotiation
  • ERP assessment and evaluation
  • ERP implementation

ERP Implementation & Deployment Services

As your ERP implementation partner, we make sure that your ERP system is aligned with your business's processes, structure and capabilities. Our experts handle the entire spectrum of ERP implementation services like application, technology & architecture, process management, change management and project management. Not only this, we make sure that your business is ready for the change in the environment after the successful integration testing and comprehensive unit testing.

  • Business assessment
  • Complete system configuration
  • Comprehensive unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • Process flows
  • Go-live planning
  • Migration strategy

ERP Project Recovery

If by chance, your ERP project Implementation fails, an ERP project recovery roadmap comes in the picture. A recovery plan is always well-thought in a way that the entire system may drop offline but the production must continue. Hence, a failure tree and a practical response list where the concerned teams and departments are notified should be kept handy. We, at VisionTech envision such failures and make a tested and tried recovery roadmap so that your business stays on. Our services include:

  • Defining a communication plan
  • Preparing an emergency list of people
  • Detailed instruction panel
  • Duty delegation of departments
  • Develop specific task checklists
  • Work review by authorities and departments

ERP Training and Support Services

Training your employees and admins to make them aware of the new ERP system becomes the utmost important task once your business becomes ERP compliant. Our experts at VisionTech not only deployed ERP solutions but coaches your team and community on how they can maximise the business's potential making the best possible use of new ERP solutions. Also, we provide 24*7 assistance to deal with complications or any issues that are likely to occur even after complete migration of your systems to ERP.

  • Pre-deployment training for end-users
  • Maintenance and system administration training
  • User acceptance testing support
  • Post-deployment hyper care
  • Ongoing support for ERP solutions

ERP Project Auditing

The ERP project Audits helps businesses to build better strategies and make financial decisions with proper identification of inefficiencies within the organisation. The different types of Audits that we can perform are:

  • Compliance Audit

    This audit process involves observing any document and person to map their behaviours and actions. The result is then matched against the basic set of standards that are supposed to be followed by the individuals.

  • Process Audit

    The objective of a process audit is to ensure that the ERP is configured correctly to follow a documented process.

  • System Audit

    This audit basically takes a look at the overall system parameters. Whether the cloud on on-premise platform is configured correctly for optimal performance and data growth of the organisation.

  • Security Audit

    This audit is used for searching fraudulent transactions, access violations, and discovering failures in the control system. ERP internal security audit automatically detects transactions violating the business's security protection protocols.

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Why Should You Choose VisionTech for ERP Services?

ERP Licensed Reseller

Certified ERP consultants to be the first in line in providing the best out of the licensing spend while avoiding non-compliant risk.

End to End ERP Consulting Services

For seamless migration and integration of ERP Solution in your business set-up without disrupting your business continuity, you need VisionTech's excellent and experienced team.

Certified ERP Engineers

Certified and Specialised ERP Experts for ERP migration for your customers ease of use and automation of your business operations.

24*7 Maintenance and Support

Our continued support to manage your ERP platform makes your business transformation journey effortless. VisionTech's Experts provide 24*7 assistance to get you comfortable with the new environment after the successful deployment.

Dedicated Project Manager

At VisionTech, a project manager is assigned to track your entire ERP transformation progress that provides support as well as status updates.

Zero Downtime

The entire process of testing, deployment, integration, implementation, migration, recovery happens without any downtime for your IT operations or business discontinuity.

Cost Optimization

Digitally transform your existing and upcoming apps across cloud environments into ERP according to your budget and business requirement.

Security And Risk Management

Our ERP experts are well-versed in providing the best security practices to keep your business data secure and impregnable.

Innovation With Technologies

ERP constantly improves and brings forth better services for the smoother performance of your applications. VisionTech makes you aware of the newer updates and helps you utilise them according to your business future requirements.

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