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At VisionTech, we provide excellent yet cost-effective audio visual integration systems and solutions in Dubai for all kinds of market set-ups like corporate, government, retail, house of worship, hospitality, education, Public Parks, Recreational rooms, Leisure Services, Gymnasium, Health Care and many more.

We are the finest AV systems and solution provider making your enterprise smarter with unified and standardized communication methods that connect you to your people. From home theatres to video conferencing elements in your office, VisionTech strives to completely change your work space, thereby, making communication faster, interesting, engaging and memorable.

Communicate internally with your co-workers, or externally with your customers through our state-of-the-art designed AV solutions and services. VisionTech has a team of industry experts that are knowledgeable and highly experienced among an array of AV companies ready to do away with all your communication woes!

Bring Streamlined Communication via VisionTech Audio Visual Solutions Provider in Dubai

Gone are the days for analog communications systems! Make your workplace smarter by integrating the world's best AV solutions!

VisionTech is a full-service provider of integrated audio-visual solutions for presentation, collaboration and sound reinforcement systems. It eliminates an end-user uncertainty with their designed systems for ease-of-use and implementing global AV standards across the enterprise.

Flexible workplaces, flexible working hours and not to forget the increasing competition have given rise for a collaborative communication solution. Effective communication calls for smarter solutions that increase business productivity, reduce downtime and improve customer convenience.

As a prominent AV solution provider, VisionTech makes sure that your business set-up meets today’s demands as well as fulfils the needs arising in the future.

Our process

As an experienced AV solutions provider, we understand your requirements and hence, we strive to provide you with the best AV system integration to make your business communications streamlined.


We discuss your project idea and requirements to understand what exactly you want.


We create mockups and workflows that are perfect to give you an app-like feel.

Develop & Testing

We have employed brilliant developers, coders and testers who deliver a bug-free app.


We use a streamlined deployment and testing flow that consists of three phases, pre-deploy, deploy and post-deploy, helping us improve quality and eradicate issues.

Maintenance & Support

We send the final project to our client after checking the System's functionality and usability. After delivery, we follow up with maintenance and support for the Systems.

Our Key Offerings:

Professional Audio: Sound That Takes You To Another Universe

  • BGM

    BGM or background music heightens the mood of a visual wherein you get a good ambience as well as the perfect light sound reinforcement in order to make a customer enjoy vividity. BGM is used in an array of commercial applications including Retail Shops, Shopping malls, Restaurants, Hotels and other commercial spaces.

  • PA/EVAC systems

    Public Address systems are used where you need to make general announcements that can be heard in different (or single) zones. When PAs are combined with Evacuation systems, they can be used for broadcasting emergency or Voice Evacuation messages from the same PA- BGM system.
    PA/EVAC systems are used in a range of commercial applications such as Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Shopping Mall, Theme Parks and other commercial spaces.

  • Engineered sound

    Engineered sound systems are required where speech intelligibility and uniform SPL levels are of the utmost importance. You can find such sound reinforcement systems in various commercial spaces like Auditoriums, Stadiums, Live Events, Theatre, House of Worship, and entertainment venues.

  • Portable sound

    Sound mobility is the need of the hour. And, for such mobile needs, Portable PA systems offering the same quality and features as the installed one, but with an added advantage of mobility are used. Places such as Multipurpose halls, School assembly, Solo Musicians, mobile DJ or a Full band, etc where flexibility is the key for everything, Portable sound PA systems comes in the picture!

  • Interpretation systems

    Have you been to a conference or a seminar where it is not necessary that the audience and the presenter share the same spoken language? Interpretation systems are required where there is a need for simultaneous multiple language interpretation in order to make the audience understand the presenter.
    Examples of application can be seen in International Summits, Parliament house and Training Halls and more.

  • Multi-room audio

    Revives the entertainment centres like Large Residences, Treatment rooms, salons and Spas where individual music playback and controls are needed. Customer-centric places always look for ways to entertain their customers while providing over the top services. And Multi-room audio systems help these places in a way that they are able to provide an exquisite experience according to the customer’s choice.

Professional Video: Reach Your Kind of People

  • Video Wall Systems

    A multi-display setup where multiple display screens are cascaded or tiled together to form one large screen offering flexibility. The Video Wall PV system helps in commercial places like Control rooms, stadiums and other large public venues, etc where there is a requirement of one-large display or in multiple tile layouts.

  • Digital Signage

    In today's era of aggressive competition, digital signage is one such technology where a signage content is created, scheduled, and operated on a display signage software. Through this, a signage content is broadcasted into multiple displays remotely without any need of on-site personnel. Places such as Advertisement or Way finding Digital Kiosks with applications in Airports, Hotels, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Shopping Malls etc. require an effective and attractive method of communication to reach out to their consumers.

  • Presentation Systems

    Fluffing the needs of a complete audio visual and control system, Presentation Systems are mostly required in Meeting Rooms, Ball rooms, Training rooms, Board rooms etc. where an entire mult-media setup is of crucial importance. The Presentation System includes Front/Rear projection, AV interface, Audio Video Conferencing, Sound system and controls.

Control System: Control Smarter With A Single Touch Panel

When it comes to an audio visual system, various equipment plays an important role in providing the best audio and video for your business communications. But, handling each equipment separately is a big turn off. Hence, a single touch pad or a keypad to control the entire multi-media system on any iOS and Android device becomes a convenience. You can control all of the following with a single touch:

  • Projector
  • Display
  • Projector / Display / Screen Lifts
  • Shades
  • Lighting System
  • Selection of AV source
  • Audio system
  • Video Conferencing
  • Meeting Room Booking

Smart Meeting Rooms: Turn Your Standard Huddle Room to a Smart Collaboration Space

  • Wireless presentation

    You remember the time when we used to connect the source device to the display device with the physical cable? Well, wireless presentation technology eliminates the use of such cable clutters and expensive video switchers. It helps any number of attendees can share their presentation directly to display devices (as well as projector) with a mere wireless connection.

  • Audio Video Collaboration

    A comprehensive range of communication systems and solutions is required for business set-ups like medical, education, financial institutions, justice, broadcasters, high-value commodities trade or corporate. Audio Video Collaboration is a multi-site video conferencing and call set-up system that is integrated across any combination of IP, ISDN, DSL or any available new medium.

  • Paper Free Conference System

    An advanced all-in-one solution that incorporates a touch panel interface, Paper Free conference system manages files and video display, eliminating the need for papers or laptops in meeting environments. It is used in Executive Board rooms, high level meeting rooms, International summits and Parliaments.

  • Meeting Room Management

    Visiontech offers a simple & effective room booking system which is a smart & quick way to automate your meetings, conference rooms and resources.

Smart Classrooms: Take Learning and Educating to the next level

AV technology in the education industry creates an interactive environment enhancing the learning process.
AV solutions for smart classrooms include:

  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Projectors
  • Interactive Flat Panel Display
  • Classroom Audio Technology
  • Audience Response system
  • Lecture Capture
  • Digital Podiums

Home Theatre/Private Cinema: Enjoy Movie Night Multiplex Style

Do you want to have a cinema rich experience at your home? Why not try VisionTech AV solutions - Home Theatre/Private Cinema.
Technology driven visual effects, acoustics along with additional elements such as acoustic modelling, drape & lighting controls, custom seating and other advanced technology components makes you enjoy cinema just like that of multiplexes.
Consult, Design, Install and Calibrate custom made home cinema solutions with VisionTech AV solution provider.
Our Home Cinema solution includes:

  • Cinemascope Projector
  • Cinema grade Projection Screen
  • Surround Audio with Dolby Technologies
  • Hi Fi Electronics
  • AV, Lighting & Drape Controls
  • Cinema Furniture

Home Automation: A Home That Has Ears

Change your traditional home to a smart home by putting together all your needs to be controlled and visualized through any smart device on iOS & Android platform – let it be your phone or a dedicated touch panel.
Our solution for Home Automation gives you control over:

  • AV Distribution with Entertainment always within reach.
  • Climate Control with One touch temperature control system.
  • Seamless Security with Video Intercom for door access, security gates & room to room from an application on mobile or a tablet.
  • Energy Conservation by Automatic adjusting HVAC, Lighting, Shades and more to maximize energy conservations.

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