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Since the advent of blockchain technology, it has hit the market by a storm, as it enables tamper-proof and secure virtual transactions. Not only this, the data is exchanged directly between the contracting parties within a network. This does not allow the storage of data at any single location limiting the chances of any hacker to corrupt. At VisionTech, we leave no stone unturned in implementing private blockchains, implementing smart contracts, API integration to Blockchain and other custom requirements for your business to flourish.

We provide end-to-end Blockchain development and consulting services to clients in and around the UAE. We are a passionate team of tech enthusiasts offering next-generation Blockchain solutions for startups, enterprises, global brands, and government organisations in the UAE.

At VisionTech, know this blockchain tech inside out and our expert developers have worked with numerous platforms like Ethereum and Solidity. Thus, we give you all the prerequisite tools and languages that develop a decentralised ecosystem for your business to operate smoothly. VisionTech offers an array of blockchain development and consulting services that add scalability, transparency and security to your business environment.

Our Key Offerings

Blockchain Consulting

Bringing in the right blend of capabilities in your business, at VisionTech, we strive for harnessing a strategic roadmap where you are able to connect with us and discuss your business goals. We help you identify and assess your business future goals, organisational readiness, forecast various business impacts, and analyse how Blockchain can bring the best business for you and ROI. VisionTech's blockchain consulting services and app development solutions are tailored to suit your business requirements that are built on high performance platforms like Hyperledger, EOS, and Stellar.

Custom blockchain solutions

Building a robust backend and interactive UI for your blockchain solution is what we specialise in. While designing your blockchain architecture, we quantify the impact on your business that helps initiate the journey towards smoother blockchain development and exemplary execution. During custom blockchain development, we integrate blockchain solutions into your existing environment, making them Dapps.

Enterprise blockchain development

Our business expertise and technical prowess helps in the development of your blockchain application or redesigning the entire ecosystem. Not only this, we help you scale your team, enhance your UX/UI, develop DApps and help you with smart contracts to make your blockchain transformation journey flawless. Our DevOps team applies cutting edge technology in developing your blockchain decentralising app that gives transparency to your business and enhances the trust factor of your clients/customers.

Cloud Blockchain development

At VisionTech, we are well-equipped to create customer-centric interfaces or Ethereum app porting that surely meets your business requirements. Scalability won't be an issue because we take care of that aspect as well. Our experts utilise Amazon Managed blockchain, Azure blockchain workbench, IBM blockchain platform and Google Cloud platform to create the most cutting-edge technological DApp for your business.

Crypto Wallet Development

While developing your business's blockchain wallet application development, we take care of crypto wallets that hold hundreds of cryptocurrencies. These wallets store data like your purchase history, wallet balance, and other information related to your wallet. And, as security concerns become an issue, our experts help develop a tamper-proof platform for the real-time exchange of crypto currencies on your customer's mobiles (Android and iOs).

Ethereum Development

Our best Ethereum developers work closely with B2B development partners and are well-experienced in delivering multiple smart contracts and blockchain DApps while covering Fintech, AdTech and EdTech industries. At VisionTech, we help your business unlock the tangible potential for your clients/customers bringing unprecedented ROI.

MVP Development

When you need a blockchain transformation in your existing ecosystem but with limited functionalities, MVP development is just for you. Our developers develop the leanest blockchain application with minimum functionalities. Basically, MVP development follows the PoC development that later on transforms into a fully functional blockchain application.

End to End App Development

During your business's blockchain app development, we build robust DApp from start to end. Ideation, design, coding and the final launch, everything is handled by our experienced blockchain experts and we chalk out the best plan for a successful DApp development. Our services include Custom and Cloud Dapp Development, Dapp Porting, Dapp Upgrade Services, and more.

NFT Marketplace Services

In order to manage NFT trading, bidding, minting and selling digital assets, you need a NFT marketplace. At VisionTech, we develop multi-chain compatible NFTs that are easy to use, transparent and feature-rich to facilitate buyers and sellers in keeping a clear record of the ownership of the NFTs.

Why Should You Choose VisionTech for Blockchain Services?

End to End Blockchain Consulting Services

For seamless integration of Blockchain Solution in your business set-up without disrupting your business continuity, you need Visiontech's excellent and experienced team.

Certified Blockchain Consultants

Certified and Specialised Blockchain Experts bring knowledge and expertise that you can rely on.

24*7 Maintenance and Support

Our continued support to manage your Blockchain platform makes your business transformation journey effortless. VisionTech's Experts provide 24*7 assistance to get you comfortable with the new environment after the successful deployment.

Dedicated Project Manager

At VisionTech, a project manager is assigned to track your entire Blockchain configuration progress that provides support as well as status updates.


The entire process of testing, deployment, integration, implementation, happens without any downtime for your IT operations or business discontinuity.

Innovation With

We constantly improve and bring forth better services for the smoother performance of your applications. VisionTech makes you aware of the newer updates and helps you utilise them according to your business future requirements.

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Industries We Serve

From assembly to discrete manufacturing process, kitting, engineer-to-order, or configure-to-order, VisionTech has implemented and configured Blockchain solutions for every aspect of your manufacturing business. A Blockchain system comprising in-built manufacturing capabilities is crucial, and we ensure affordable implementation of the solution.

VisionTech helps you deliver ultimate control and visibility of your warehouse procedures. From Optimizing inventory tracking, distribution operations, cross-docking to multi-channel fulfilment. We can handle every aspect of Warehouse Management. You can easily manage your warehouse operations while integrating supply chain logistics and ensuring smooth distribution processes.

Visiontech offers customised Blockchain solutions for Effective Credit Card Processing, Reporting Across different Locations, Replenishment and Purchasing, Service Management, Time Sensitive promotions, Pricing, Logistics, Fulfilment, Shopping, Integrated Customer Management.

Visiontech's tailored solutions are suited for Sales Order Management, Case Management, Expense and Time Management, Account Receivables, Invoicing, Customer Management, Recurring and Deferred Billing, Service Management. Our Blockchain services are ideal for Professional and business services comprising complex, Long-term projects, Short projects, Turnaround jobs.

VisionTech has implemented and configured Blockchain solutions for various food and beverage distribution and processing businesses. Our experience with food and beverage manufacturing, Distribution, Processing allows us to understand the unique requirements of our clients.

Auto Components is one of the best business solutions for streamlining big data implementation in the industry. As your Blockchain consultant, Visiontech helps you keep up with the innovations and change regulations and, we also enable new sales and manufacturing models through effective customer engagement. Our solutions are ideal for Manufacturing automotive components, Spare parts, Any other auto component-related business.

Visiontech's Blockchain solutions include Import Management, Talent Management, Transaction Management, Formulation Management, Critical Data Management, Safety Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Procedural Management, RF Handheld Integration.

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