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How Post-COVID-19 Has Made Digital Transformation More Relevant Than Ever

Due to COVID-19, employers were forced to open up their organizations to remote working. To facilitate employees working from home, digital transformation became the most important thing ever before. According to research, in a matter of a few months, digital transformation has bypassed seven years of progress.

Digital Transformation has become a key priority – No, not just in response to the pandemic but also to meet the consumer’s demands and expectations for an accelerated speed of services.

Digitalization has bolstered efficiency in organizations, better employee communication and collaboration, and enhanced security. Organizations that are in between the decision of this inevitable transformation are now facing the threat of becoming obsolete or irrelevant in the industry. 

Therefore, post-COVID-19 digital transformation has become more relevant than ever. Let us dive deeper into the details of the hows and whys:

Digital Transformation Has Taken A Huge Leap on the Industrial and Organisational Level

While most of the employees were working from home, communication and collaboration became a question for all the organizations in the world. As a result, they all had to adopt newer technologies to help their employees and reach out to consumers remotely.

During such times of crisis, remote collaboration was imperative. There is no backing down from the fact that without a solid digital strategy, collaboration was not possible.

Tools like cloud-based applications, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things(IoT) came into the picture that formed the pillars for organizational security, communication, enhanced transfer of data, and effective interactions.

Not only this, staying ahead of the rising competition in the business and economic environment became the priority across the entire industrial gamut. Newer strategies and practices helped fill gaps for technology talent during the pandemic, helped with the usage of advanced technologies, and encouraged higher speed in experimenting and innovating.

Increased Pace of Deployment of Digital Transformational Solutions

Since most of the employees were working from home, IT managers and technical staff were forced to deploy digital transformational systems at a higher rate than usual. The technology helped people communicate with each other globally at a moment’s notice.

The requirements during the pandemic have created a landscape that is encouraging innovation and technological adoption even when the pandemic is over.

Some of the rapidly adopted digital transformation services are:

  • Advanced e-commerce platforms
  • Advanced supply chain systems
  • Deploy customer-friendly applications
  • Tightening Up Organizational Security

A Rapid Shift Towards Adoption of Online Applications

As a result of COVID-19, customers have shifted towards online channels and as an effective response, organizations have shifted their focus towards customer interactions via digital channels.

Some of the organizations are still defending the traditional ways but sooner or later, digitalization is going to wash away their doubts. Yes, it is agreeable that customers do want quality products and services, but their way of interaction changed the entire game.

Conforming to a newer lifestyle post-pandemic is inevitable. More recent models of engagement with the same quality products and services that mirror the customer’s lifestyle are in demand. On top of that, customer convenience is above everything.

Increased Use of Self-Service Applications

Deployment of applications that enforces access to self-service resources is a boon for organizations as they provide top-notch customer experiences.

With the increased use of self-service applications, customers can shop, compare products and prices, and complete transactions without any hassles. Not only this, organizations can extract valuable customer data based on their activities that help them improve customer experience.

The data extracted helps them analyze a customer’s patterns and based on the data, an organization identifies buying preferences and other metrics.

With the data, an organization develops advertising and promotional messages that generate more customer activity on the application.

Data Security Becomes A Priority

Organizations were forced to eliminate all the barriers regarding data security to facilitate their employees to work from home. While new technologies emerge frequently, there are newer cyber threats that are needed to be taken care of.

Here are some of the newly adopted tools that have enhanced the security of an organization against frequent data breaches:

  • Patch Management has optimized security
  • Rise of two-step verification and Zero-Trust Architecture
  • Use of AI and machine learning for threat detection
  • Third-Party Risk Management
  • Rise of Cyber Insurance and Industrial System Security

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Increased Use of AI Gives Organisations A Competitive Edge

Since AI and machine learning have played a major role in making digital transformation a complete success in organizations, it is evident that businesses across have gained a competitive edge with the adoption.

The use of AI has greatly impacted data analysis based on the behavioral patterns of the customer from advanced e-commerce platforms have helped improve customer experiences.

When an organization becomes customer-centric and provides for its every requirement, it gains a competitive edge that helps them stay ahead in the market.

Final Words

Sticking to the archaic way of business is certainly bringing them to the verge of extinction. Hence, the clock is ticking and business digital transformations are waiting with an open arm for you.

This is the time when you turn your business into a rapid-response organization with the help of digital transformation that helps you weather the next outbreak (if need be).

If you’re even remotely involved in over-the-top technological solutions for your organization, you might want to keep your eyes peeled for Visiontech Digital Transformation Services.

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