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At VisionTech, we create cloud strategies that enhance business cost efficiency, increase business productivity and make collaboration easier. A deeper collaboration paves the way to convert successful ideas into innovation. Our all-encompassing cloud computing consulting and implementation services in Dubai ensures a safe, efficient and high-performing cloud environment after thriving migration to cloud of your business.

We provide end-to-end cloud computing services to clients in and around the UAE. We are a passionate team of tech enthusiasts offering next-generation cloud solutions for startups, enterprises, global brands, and government organisations in the UAE.

Our unparalleled attention to minute details while making your enterprise cloud compliant gives lower operational cost, capping scalability options for a secured future and streamlined business productivity. The team at VisionTech of cloud solutions experts design multiple deployment models in order to keep your business goals at primary focus.

Make Your Business Agile and Accelerate Growth via VisionTech Cloud Services in UAE

Portability, Efficiency and Security Are The Pillars of Business Operations! Welcome World-Class Cloud Computing Services in Your Business.

Cloud Computing is the need of the hour, especially when the workforce demands flexible working hours and the freedom to work from anywhere. Hence, to ensure business continuity, migrating your business to the cloud is not a bad idea after all.

When your business becomes cloud compliant, it helps maintain data backup, makes disaster recovery easier and lowers business operation costs because data can be mirrored at multiple redundant sites making it convenient for the mobile workforce.

With VisionTech Cloud computing management and services, your business dynamics can turn the tables in the market. Maximise your business's ROI while we take care of lowering costs, providing greater agility and better resource utilisation.

Our Cloud Development process


We discuss your project idea and requirements to understand what exactly you want.


We create mockups and workflows that are perfect to give you an app-like feel.

Develop & Testing

We have employed brilliant developers, coders and testers who deliver a bug-free app.

Deployment Testing

We use a streamlined deployment and testing flow that consists of three phases, pre-deploy, deploy and post-deploy, helping us improve quality and eradicate issues.


Whether you've recently migrated to the cloud, or you've been operating there for awhile now, you've likely realized how challenging it can be to understand exactly where your cloud spend goes and what drives your costs.

Maintenance & Support

We send the final project to our client after checking the app's functionality and usability. After delivery, we follow up with maintenance and support for the application.

Our Key Offerings:

VisionTech is a Cloud computing consulting company that provides a complete spectrum of Cloud services including the public, private and hybrid Cloud types. According to a customer's requirements, we bring into service the widely used Software-as-a-Service (SaaS),Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) service models.

With VisionTech's cloud services, scalability won't be an issue if you migrate your business infrastructure to IaaS solutions as it gives you the flexibility to scale your IT resources in the future as per customer's need and demand. VisionTech's cloud services enable your business to have a single data centre hosting that can be accessed from anywhere.

We provide you with servers, networks, storage, operating system software, databases, development tools. Therefore, it is time to get rid of cost complexities, and issues of inflexibility that often comes while building and managing on your premises with improved cloud technology.

Cloud Application Development Service

Our cloud service providers manage everything. From application to data, from runtime to middleware and OS, from virtualization to servers, from storage to networking, every single thing! Hence, instead of installing and maintaining the hardware and the softwares, VisionTech cloud service providers offer your business application over the internet for your users to use it freely without any hassles.

After a successful readiness assessment and a cloud architecture audit, our DevOps team develops a roadmap for your business migration to cloud. A strategic approach while migrating your business becomes our utmost responsibility. The services we provide here are:

  • Cloud Architecture Audit
  • Cloud roadmap and strategy
  • Multi-cloud strategy and cloud figment analysis
  • Developing
  • Customising and migrating applications
  • Roadmap for infrastructure management

Here, we explore suitable solutions according to your business needs, experimenting with the same until we get desired result, checking the feasibility of the cloud migration in accordance with the current technical compatibilities of your business. Lastly, keeping your business objective in line with the expected ROI is what our cloud experts specialise in.

Cloud Adoption and Migration Service

VisionTech's Cloud developers and Engineers help businesses to access and plan for their digital transformation. We help you identify and prioritise the business's immediate modernization opportunities which in addition improves the cloud readiness and transformation roadmap to scale your business in future.

Not only this, our research team is well-equipped with substantial experience to guide you with their personal insights making your transformation journey smooth as butter.

Migrating your organisation's infrastructure to cloud solution helps you reduce maintenance of on-premises data centres as you can access the data from anywhere. Apart from this, it helps save money on hardware costs (read lower TCO) and gain real-time business insights.

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud-to-cloud movement
  • Migration of workloads
  • Validation and performance testing

Cloud Optimization Service

A Cloud computing service is not complete without Cloud optimization. A Cloud ecosystem that is optimised that is built across network, storage, compute, and operations drives higher ROI in your business. VisionTech's cloud solutions experts streamlines all your IT operations without compromising business performance, security and scalability. While enhancing cost efficiency in your business, we make sure that the industry best practises are followed to give you the desired output.

VisionTech's cloud computing service offers essential compute (necessary for your business), storage utilisation and networking resources on demand, on a pay-as-you-use basis. Generally, business owners opt for a pay-as-you-go basis for the specified resources required for their business at the moment. Later on, as per your business requirement, you can scale the resources up and down accordingly. We ensure:

  • Network
  • Storage
  • Cost
  • Compute
  • Operations
  • Enhanced business security
  • Reduction in capital expenditures in your business
  • Scales your business up during peak times and scales down when not some resources not needed
  • Reallocate IT resources
  • Enable innovation of successful ideas
  • Reduces downtime in business fueling business productivity

Cloud Infrastructure Management Services

Cloud Infrastructure refers to a complete, flexible and cost effective platform that helps a business run, develop and manage applications. Basically, it consists of the hardware and the software elements that are needed for Cloud computing. Now, Cloud infrastructure management comprises the necessary tools and processes that fits the bill just as of a 'control panel'.

VisionTech offers Cloud management services that play an important role in managing the security status and vulnerability of your business assets. Meanwhile, a reduced complexity provides the IT teams in your business an easy-to-use platform with a rich user interface that simplifies the overall management. Apart from this, the availability of real-time information accelerates the process of decision-making leading to remarkable innovation in your business. Our services include:

  • Cloud data centre design, development, and implementation
  • Operation management
  • Cloud infrastructure and application deployment

Cloud Computing Security Services

Advanced threats require advanced Cloud management and security services. Security of the migrated data, information, passwords, applications, etc is a must even when your business is centrally controlled via Cloud. In this competitive era where every business in the market is migrating its business to Cloud in order to stay afloat in the market, secure access is essential. A wide set of controls, policies, technologies are used to protect your online data, application and other associated cloud computing infrastructure.

VisionTech provides complete security of your business assets while digitally transforming your business. We help secure your cloud environment against unauthorised use/access, distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, hackers, malware, and other risks. Such security is attained via SaaS where your data is hosted in the cloud as compared to on-premises hardware or software deployment. Our services include:

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Performance optimization
  • Security and Risk assessment
  • Data protection
  • Cloud-based application monitoring
  • Creating personalised parameters and checks
  • Setting up personalised alerts

Cloud Modernization Services

The changing market trends have laid emphasis on businesses to digitally modernise and shift their focus from legacy monoliths to seamless cloud-based architectures. Digital platforms that are built on cloud-native applications are able to optimise business costs, accelerate successful ideas into business innovation, and fuel top-line business growth.

VisionTech helps make your business’s modernization journey a breeze. We ensure uninterrupted services, enhance product value and brand perception. While consolidating your business assets into the cloud, VisionTech helps improve collaboration across your business ecosystem. Incorporating Cloud-based architecture in your business helps you in:

  • Faster Time to Market
  • Affordable Access to Wider Variety of Resources
  • More Freedom to Experiment with Less Risks
  • Re-platforming, Re-hosting, and Re-architecting legacy applications
  • Easy and Budget Friendly Scalability in the Future
  • Lower Overall Business Costs
  • Building an agile, cloud native platform
  • Cloud adoption in microservices-based architecture
  • Cloud governance and policy

Cloud Disaster Management Services

Cloud has made our business operations nearly effortless, from undertaking complex operational workloads to executing large scale disaster recovery plans. Isn't it?

VisionTech's Cloud Disaster Management Service helps you save time/capital, offers more data backup location options, makes it easy to implement with high reliability and offers more scalability options for the future needs. Not only this, we provide you with the best data restoration plans based on your RPO and RTO for your business with minimum time for the entire recovery. Our services include:

  • Backup and Restore of the online data
  • Pilot Light Approach
  • Warm Standby
  • Full replication in the Cloud
  • Multi-Cloud Option
  • Application protection
  • Remote management of all backups
  • Customised disaster recovery plans

Cloud Managed Services

Managing your cloud deployment is a huge challenge for large businesses. Defining clear, cost effective cloud management strategies that help you build your cloud ecosystem according to your current requirements is a must. A scalable cloud environment that is tailored to your needs that not only supports your growth objectives but makes you focus on delivering value to your customers is what makes your business competitive.

VisionTech cloud managed service helps you in rapid cloud deployment that is managed according to your requirement keeping in mind your budgetary goals as well. Apart from this, we offer enhanced security and compliance capabilities just to give you that peace of mind while focusing on your business goals. For business continuity, we also provide you with on-going guidance and support from cloud strategy to cloud deployment. The services included are:

  • Comprehensive business solutions
  • Extensive automation
  • Self-service capabilities
  • Outstanding security
  • Governance plan for cloud infrastructure
  • Infrastructure optimization for better performance and cost savings
  • Improvement plans

Cloud Services for Public Cloud Platforms

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud

Why Should You Choose VisionTech for Cloud Services?

VisionTech offers successful cloud computing services and assistance to organisations that help them adopt cloud implementation strategies in an efficient way. Not only this, we provide cloud business adoption and migration, SaaS cloud solutions development, cloud app development, cloud infrastructure, cloud machine learning and cloud-native development services to small, medium and large enterprises.

Provides Cost-Effective Cloud Solutions

Certified and Specialised Cloud Experts for Cloud adoption and migrations for your business’s digital transformation as per your requirements.

Takes Your Business Productivity and Efficiency to the next level

World-class Cloud Consultants helps streamline your business operations through a centralised control system for all your business applications. Improved mobility and faster decision making enhances your business productivity and efficiency.

Seamless Migration of Cloud Solutions in your business set-up

Certified Cloud Engineers for seamless Cloud migration and adoption without disrupting your business continuity. We help you leverage Cloud platforms and services for better agility and business resilience.

24*7 Customer Assistance and Cloud Management

Our continued support to manage your Cloud platform makes your transformation journey hassle-free. VisionTech’s Cloud Experts provide 24*7 assistance to get you comfortable with Cloud Environment after successful deployment.

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