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Legacy app modernization allows you to transform outdated business applications with modern technologies and software to create a powerful platform.

Visiontech assists organizations in modernizing their legacy applications by updating their IT stack to sustain business goals and development. Our end-to-end application modernization services guarantee enhancement in the security, scalability, reliability, agility, and efficiency of your business processes. We offer a wide range of modernization services including Cloud Enablement, Infrastructure Services, Managing Application Stacks, Redesigning Core Software and Applications, Enterprise Security, Digital Engineering, and more. Leverage our expertise in modern technologies, applications, security, and diverse industry domains.

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Our Legacy Modernization Services help organizations in transforming their traditional software and apps portfolio with the latest technology stacks. Feel the advantage of industry-leading tech infrastructure, expert development advice, and immersive experience used to deliver best-in-class Legacy Software App Modernization services. Our services include:

Platform Migration & Assessment

Our team first understands your business requirement and analyzes the elements comprising a legacy system and its external factors. Based on that we select an audit and assessment strategy, choosing between continued maintenance, modernization, and replacement. Our assessment services include compliance audit, functionality audit, security audit, third-party audit, etc.

Digital transformation with APIs

We integrate crucial software and applications with internal and external systems and leverage data as well as functionalities with API integration and development. This results in lighter, faster, and more secure software and applications that provide a better experience to your end users.

Cloud Migration

We move your legacy infrastructure, apps, and software to a secure cloud, helping you to minimize infrastructure costs, high performance, and speed up time-to-market. With our legacy system modernization services, we help you select the right cloud architecture and get the maximum business outcomes

Platform re-design & Architecture

We assist you in moving the database of your monolithic software and applications to the cloud without affecting its onsite function. We assess the current software apps to enhance their competence in the real-world environment.

Custom software modernization

We improve the security, performance, visibility, and control of your business activities by upgrading, re-writing, and re-architecting obsolete software systems. We help you rearrange crucial tools and systems with existing and future business precedence.

Business process simplification and automation

We help you simplify your business operations to achieve better results by automating repetitive and time-consuming processes with tailored business process automation solutions.

Desktop apps to the web or mobile apps

We transfer your enterprise applications to the latest platforms with modern JavaScript libraries to leverage the power of modern tools and technologies. Our legacy transformation services help you boost your web presence with intuitive user interfaces and provide the ideal user experience.

Solution re-engineering

We examine, analyze, plan, and modify your existing software applications to rebuild and implement them through reverse engineering, redocumentation, restructuring, translation, and forward engineering.


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Flexible engagement models

Most of our clients come with a different set of resources, needs, and expectations towards us. We offer flexibility to them to select from different engagement and hiring models. To meet the exact demands of our clients, we provide dedicated resources and teams with no hidden costs, competitive prices, and zero overheads.

Reliable and highly skilled developers

We offer the best and most able group of software developers to our clients. Our UI/UX designers, solution architects, domain experts, and project managers have in-depth knowledge of a broad range of tools & technologies.

Agile process

We follow an agile process to ensure low risk and to minimize the overall project delivery time requirements. Regular communication and feedback help us to make necessary changes in the functionality keeping the overall development process in control.


We take the utmost care in our work and operate with integrity and honesty, recommending the best solutions for your technology issues from the start to the end of the project.

Quick Turnaround Time

We strongly believe in providing trustworthy and prompt services to our clients. With us, you can leverage faster turnaround time and quick resolution to your issues.

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