Elevate Your Service Delivery with Visiontech's Matrix42 Solutions

Discover the future of service delivery and modernize your operations with Matrix42 solutions, delivered by Visiontech Certified Experts. Matrix42, a leading Digital Workspace Management Solution provider, offers a revolutionary approach to digital service delivery. With its low-code solution builder, Matrix42 empowers your business transformation and elevates customer experiences.

Our Matrix42 solutions redefine governance, risk, and compliance management, enhancing end-user efficiency, streamlining processes, boosting operational agility, and optimizing costs. As professional services providers for Matrix42, Visiontech boasts a team of Matrix42 Certified Experts. Our experts excel in deploying, implementing, and customizing Matrix42 solutions, both in the cloud and on-premises, to ensure an unparalleled end-user and customer experience. At Visiontech, we serve diverse industries, ranging from SMBs to Government entities and large enterprises. We specialize in service management, security, and endpoint management, catering to a wide array of needs.

Unlock the next level of service excellence with Visiontech's Matrix42 solutions. Elevate your business, delight your customers, and stay ahead in the digital era.

Our Matrix42 Solutions offerings include:

Get the most out of your Matrix42 Solutions using our Expertise.

IT Service Management (ITSM):

Experience tailored ITSM service management services from Visiontech, backed by extensive global industry expertise. Our Matrix42 Certified experts have undertaken complex projects, crafting and enhancing service management modules to align with your unique business requirements.

Our ITSM offerings include:

Customized Design and Implementation: We specialize in delivering customized design, implementation, and development services for various ITSM modules. This tailored approach ensures that ITSM solutions align seamlessly with your business processes.

Unified Incident and Self-Service Management: The ITSM tool acts as a unified platform for efficient incident management and self-service modules. This consolidation boosts team productivity, enhances service delivery, and simplifies asset management.

Module Flexibility: Our ITSM solution offers various modules that can be used independently or integrated with third-party tools. These modules cover key areas:

  • Change Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Service Desk Analytics

Empower your organization with Visiontech's ITSM services, tailored to your needs, to elevate productivity and streamline service delivery.

IT Asset Management (ITAM):

Matrix42's IT Asset Management (ITAM) tool is your key to streamlined asset management, saving both time and money. It provides real-time updates on your IT infrastructure and automates your configuration management database, ensuring you have all the information necessary for compliance and cost reduction. Here's how ITAM can benefit your organization:

Inventory Management:

  • Gain a comprehensive view of all IT assets, including hardware, software, and virtual machines.
  • Seamlessly integrates with IT Service and Software Asset Management tools, providing real-time updates and automatically identifying new assets.
  • Significantly reduces licensing and ITAM costs while ensuring timely updates that align with your team's schedule.

Assets Management:

  • Easily manage a wide range of assets, from desktops and laptops to mobile devices, applications, and servers.
  • Access detailed status and configuration history for each asset, enabling precise deployment, maintenance, updates, and decommissioning.

Contract Management:

  • Centralize all your documents and data, ensuring easy access in one location.
  • Receive automated notifications to stay informed about contract renewals and deadlines.
  • Leverage interactive reports for cost analysis, risk assessment, and timely insights, ensuring you pay only for what you need.

Discovery & Dependency:

  • Capture and map your IT landscape in real-time, providing a continuously updated view.
  • Collect data from your network to visualize all IT assets and their dependencies, including components and services.
  • Detect unauthorized devices and take immediate action when needed to enhance security and compliance.

With Matrix42's ITAM tool, you gain comprehensive control over your IT assets, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and cost-effectiveness throughout your organization. It's the solution to optimize your IT asset management and secure your digital infrastructure.

Software Asset Management:

Software Asset Management (SAM) is your key to gaining complete control over your software resources, maximizing their value while reducing unnecessary costs. SAM offers full visibility into your software and licenses, ensuring compliance with software terms and conditions and minimizing risks. Here's what SAM can do for your organization:

Full Visibility: SAM provides comprehensive visibility into all your software assets and licenses. You'll know exactly what software you're paying for and how it's being utilized.

Cost Reduction: SAM automatically identifies and downgrades unused licenses, helping you lower licensing costs without compromising functionality.

Compliance Assurance: Stay compliant with software terms and conditions, avoiding potential legal and financial risks associated with non-compliance.

To further enhance your software control, SAM can be integrated with valuable add-ons:

  • Dependency & Mapping: Gain insights into software dependencies and mapping, helping you make informed decisions about your software ecosystem.
  • License Intelligence Service Premium: Access premium services that provide in-depth insights into your software licensing to optimize costs and compliance.
  • Oracle Compliance: Ensure compliance with Oracle software licenses, avoiding costly audits and penalties.
  • SAP Compliance: Stay in line with SAP software licensing requirements, minimizing risks associated with non-compliance.
  • IBM Compliance: Safeguard your organization from potential IBM software license violations and penalties by maintaining compliance.
  • Premium Services: Explore additional premium services to tailor SAM to your specific needs, enhancing the effectiveness of your software management.

With Software Asset Management, you'll have the tools and insights needed to efficiently manage your software resources, reduce costs, and ensure compliance, all while maximizing the value of your software investments.

Unified Endpoint Management:

Experience streamlined endpoint management with UEM, the one-stop platform for overseeing PCs, servers, OS deployments, software distribution, patching, and inventory. UEM is a customizable low-code solution with automation capabilities via Workflow Studio. It seamlessly integrates with popular OS, including Google Chrome, iOS, Android, and Windows 10. Here's what UEM delivers:

Efficient Inventory Management:

  • Gain real-time visibility into hardware, software, and virtual machines.
  • Automate asset updates and reduce licensing costs.

Streamlined Software Management:

  • Control applications and devices.
  • Automate software deployment, minimizing errors.
  • Access over 3,500 pre-packaged applications.

Secure Mobile Device Management:

  • Simplify and secure mobile workplaces.
  • Implement zero-touch IT deployment.
  • Ensure data separation and enable remote wipe.

Enhanced Mobile App Management:

  • Provide secure app access with Single Sign-On.
  • Administer permissions based on roles and location.

Mobile Content Management:

  • Enable secure file access and transfer.
  • Ensure data security with encryption.

OS Management Made Simple:

  • Facilitate cross-platform management.
  • Securely roll out OS updates.
  • Manage migrations effectively.

Effortless Patch Management:

  • Ensure software security with automated vulnerability scanning.
  • Prioritize and schedule updates.
  • Seamlessly manage both Mac and Windows devices.
  • UEM simplifies endpoint control, ensuring efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness for your organization.

Endpoint Data Protection (EDP):

Matrix42's Endpoint Data Protection (EDP) solution is your fortress against unauthorized access and data breaches. It safeguards your endpoints at every possible point, ensuring valuable data stays within your company. Here's how EDP works:

Automatic Data Encryption: Your data is automatically encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. Any detected breaches prompt immediate blockage of access and applications.

IntellAct Automation & Insight Analysis: Monitor all data flows within your network and create automatic triggers based on predefined rules. IntellAct Automation analyzes insight and audit data, automatically identifying anomalies and critical issues. This reduces admin workload, lowers response times, and triggers additional actions via Workflow Studio based on network status.

Device & Access Control: Take full control of devices, interfaces, and cloud data to secure data at every point. Monitor and control device and interface usage on endpoints to enhance data security. Define user access and permissions for cloud services and storage. Prevent misuse, data loss, and malware intrusion.

Secure Audit: Observe real-time data movement in your organization and swiftly identify weaknesses. Record and store data in compliance with EU-GDPR regulations to protect employee rights and ensure compliance. Access is restricted to authorized team members for ultimate privacy.

Application Control: Retain control over all applications. Determine user access to programs and prevent unauthorized or incorrectly licensed installations. Protect your network from malware and avoid liability risks and financial penalties during audits. Detect and stop viruses quickly, often faster than traditional anti-virus solutions.

Seamless Anywhere Encryption: Keep data safe with encryption for storage, files, and devices without impacting work speed. Control access to encrypted data and decrypt it on external devices or in the cloud via the mobile app. Additional authentication safeguards encrypted hard disks when removing hardware or bypassing Windows login, ensuring EU-GDPR compliance. Encrypt folders and files in cloud storage with securely stored encryption keys or encrypt full disks for laptop data protection with authorized user access.

With Matrix42's EDP solution, you'll fortify your data security, keeping it safe from unauthorized access and breaches while maintaining compliance with data protection regulations.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM):

Matrix42's Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is your gateway to streamlined, efficient operations. With a zero-code solution builder that's user-friendly and seamlessly integrates with third-party tools, ESM transforms your business processes. Here's how ESM drives success:

No-Code Simplicity: ESM boasts a no-code approach, making it accessible and straightforward. Anyone can use it to enhance processes, achieving more with fewer resources.

Unified Self-Service Portal: Let users access IT and non-IT services effortlessly via a self-service portal, even on the go. This eliminates manual processes by automating your entire service framework, from orders and approvals to license checks, installations, and cost allocation.

Enhanced Employee Experiences: Improve employee experiences by seamlessly integrating human interactions, digital services, and IT systems. ESM bridges the gap, helping users navigate services efficiently.

All-In-One Solution: ESM provides a comprehensive solution that includes access to the Self-Service Portal, Service Catalog, Service Desk, and Software Asset Management, all enriched with Workflow Studio capabilities.

With Matrix42's ESM, you'll elevate your operational efficiency, reduce manual efforts, and create a user-friendly environment that empowers your workforce to excel.

Services we offer

Customization and Development Services

Save the cost on skilled resources, by trusting Visiontech Systems Support & Maintenance services and develop a flawless services portal for your business.

End to end Project management:

Let our Certified Matrix42 Experts take care of your project, and you focus on your business.

Software Sales and Deployment:

As an authorized Matrix42 Partner, we resell the Matrix42 software licenses and have the capabilities to deploy these in cloud and on-premises environments.

Maintenance and support:

Our IT service support works incessantly to ensure continued availability and reliability of your IT infrastructure and software.

Dedicated Resource on-site/off-site:

We provided dedicated resources to work on your project on-site as well as off-site and work as an extended team for you.

Our process

Our Technical experts get to know your environment before diving in and helping you map out your goals and objectives. The simple process we follow here:

Why Choose Visiontech as a Matrix42 Managed Services Provider?

10+ years of experience

We have been providing development and professional services to the customers for more than 10+ years.

Matrix42 Managed Partner

Visiontech is a preferred certified Matrix42 partner for reselling their licenses and providing professional and support services for their solutions.

Certified Matrix42 Professionals

We have a skilled team who are Matrix42 Certified and have expertise in providing professional services to diverse industries.

Flexible Engagement Models

We offer different engagement models based on your project needs. Our customers are our priority.

Project Mapping

Our solution architects understand what the customers want to achieve & suggest the best possible means to ensure their objectives are fulfilled.

Business Planning

This involves end to end project management, strategy formulation, solution selection, and the rollout plan.

Dedicated Design Facility

We offer onshore facilities for custom design and deployment of all our applications software modules.

Systems Development and Integration

Our Matrix42 Certified experts engage themselves fully into the analysis, modeling prototyping, system implementation, testing, validation, integration, and migration.

Operations Support

We offer complete application maintenance, end-user support, backend support, data analysis and report management to ensure a smooth workflow.

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