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Visiontech takes immense pride in helping its customers empower and elevate their businesses using advanced SAP technologies. Our experts evaluate the unique goals of the businesses for creating the best in the class, customized SAP Solutions plans to ensure complete customer satisfaction. On having us by your side, your platforms have all the functionalities, tools, and features required for maximizing ROI and driving growth.

We provide end-to-end SAP ERP consulting services to clients in and around the UAE. We are a passionate team of tech enthusiasts offering next-generation SAP solutions for start-ups, enterprises, global brands, and government organizations in the UAE.

As your SAP partner, we ensure matchless innovative solutions that can revolutionize all aspects of your business. Our process includes discovery, research, and extensive business planning. In addition, our experts work in coordination with the customers to ensure a perfect SAP implementation plan covering every requirement and business goal while combating significant industry challenges.

Services we offer for this product

License Sell

Visiontech's mission is to offer world-class services to organizations so that their SAP investments bring them maximum benefits. It is not easy for the customers to understand the contracts and ensure the best possible use of the SAP systems. We help them to get the best out of the licensing spend while avoiding non-compliant risk.


Our team of experienced and highly qualified SAP consultants handled hundreds of global rollouts and ERP implementations. Besides, our matchless experience in implementing SAP Business One allows us to stand amongst the most accomplished business partners in implementation and advisory.

SAP Business One Support Services

Support requirements for SAP Business are in extensive demand, especially for businesses that are new to adopting the system and are less familiar with its features. Visiontech offers best-in-class, hassle-free support services for SAP Business One. All you need to do is reach out to us via email or call, and you are sure to get answers to all your problems and queries.

Migration from SAP Business One based on SQL to SAP Business One based on HANA

Business One HANA features a combination of in-memory application platform, database, and data processing capabilities. Additionally, it also serves as a platform for business analytics, text processing, and planning. It allows users to analyze large volumes and complex data in real-time, which helps in reports creating data within a few seconds. Plus, you can also reap the benefits of migration of SAP Business One to HANA while optimizing your business.

Business Process Consulting

Visiontech offers a wide range of Business Process consulting services encompassing implementation, assessments, support, upgrades, training, and integration. Our professionals have the extensive expertise required for creating technical and functional solutions ideal for enhancing business operational efficiency and effectiveness. Besides, our SAP Business One experts hold specialization in end-to-end SAP solutions, allowing clients to focus on upgrading their business systems which can help them reduce costs and save time.

Business Intelligence Reporting

With SAP Business One, customers can reap the benefits of in-memory computing for reporting and analysis. It offers instant access to predefined reports and dashboards. Plus, it also comes with productivity tools for supporting and easing the decision-making process. The queries and forms can be customized easily to meet unique requirements.

Integration with 3rd party Apps

Integration with other applications gives businesses the versatility needed for efficient functioning. Plus, it also allows for easy data transfers in high-volume, promotes the seamless exchange of data between different platforms while providing a scalable and technically advanced system for businesses. Contact us today to streamline your business's work.

Other product offerings:

ERP Audit

The ERP Audits help businesses to build better strategies and make financial decisions with proper identification of inefficiencies within the organization. The different types of Audits that we can perform are

  • Compliance Audit

    SAP Business One compliance audit is usually internal where the individual follows the documented procedures for evaluation. However, audits belonging to this category can be external as well. This audit process involves observing any document and person to map their behaviors and actions. The result is then matched against the basic set of standards that are supposed to be followed by the individuals. Any variance means the individual is required to work as per the procedure manual.

  • Process Audit

    The objective of a process audit is to ensure that the ERP is configured correctly to follow a documented process. Let us take an example of an insurance claim. As per the documented process, any insurance claim needs to be reviewed and approved by the underwriter before it is sent back to the claimant. Is this workflow being correctly mapped in the System? Any such gaps can result in huge financial loss for the company and also result in non-compliance.

  • System Audit

    This audit basically takes a look at the overall system parameters. Whether the cloud on the on-premise platform is configured correctly for optimal performance and data growth of the organization. Are the business users facing any performance issues? Are the back-up and restore procedures working correctly? How much was the downtime for the system and does it exceed the agreed limits of the SLA?

  • Security Audit

    This audit is used for searching fraudulent transactions, access violations, and discovering failures in the control system. SAP Business One’s internal security audit automatically detects transactions violating the business’s security protection protocols.


Visiontech's SAP HANA support offers various advantages of a single-provider and support solution for multiple applications and databases. With our expert services, we intend to help our SAP licensees maximize their SAP HANA investment while avoiding the upgrades required in the SAP landscape. Additionally, we also provide the necessary support for the SAP environment and eliminate uncertainties that may affect SAP HANA environment components. Besides, clients with SAP HANA database support can also receive strategic solutions on configuration, interoperability, application road mapping, and performance tuning at no additional cost.

SAP Mobile Apps

SAP Mobile Services is a standardized SAP Business Technology service enabling mobile application management, development, and configuration. It involves development services for supporting customers in the management, development, and configuration of mobile applications providing easy mobile access to SAP-related enterprise data. The major features of this service include SAP ERP integration, application development, user experience design using Data services and push notifications for real-time enterprise data updates, app monitoring, app security, and supporting offline apps.

SAP Point of Sale

SAP Point of Sale service provides retailers opportunities across various sectors for transforming the challenges they come across in their business processing. It provides a better understanding of the clientele and business and helps in elevating profits and achieving better results. Visiontech's Point of Sale is created specifically for companies handling customer transactions and operating on SAP Business One. With our Point of Sale service, we intend to make your business compatible with the industry's leading software.

Why Should You Choose Visiontech for SAP Services?

SAP Licensed Reseller

Certified SAP consultants to be the first in line in providing the best out of the licensing spend while avoiding non-compliant risk.

End to End SAP Consulting Services

For seamless migration and integration of SAP Solutions in your business set-up without disrupting your business continuity, you need our skilled and experienced team.

Certified SAP Engineers

Certified and Specialized SAP Experts for SAP migration for your customer's ease of use and automation of your business operations.

24*7 Maintenance and Support

Our continued support to manage your SAP platform makes your business transformation journey effortless. Visiontech's Experts provide 24*7 assistance to get you comfortable with the new environment after the successful deployment.

Dedicated Project Manager

At Visiontech, a project manager is assigned to track your entire SAP transformation progress that provides support as well as status updates.

Zero Downtime

The entire process of testing, deployment, integration, implementation, migration, and recovery happens without any downtime for your IT operations or business discontinuity.

Cost Optimization

Digitally transform your existing and upcoming apps across cloud environments into SAP according to your budget and business requirement.

Security And Risk Management

Our SAP experts are well-versed in providing the best security practices to keep your business data secure and impregnable.

Innovation With Technologies

SAP constantly improves and brings forth better services for the smoother performance of your applications. Visiontech makes you aware of the newer updates and helps you utilize them according to your business’s future requirements.

Industries We Serve

SAP Business One Manufacturing provides access to crucial business information and increases its work efficiency. An ERP system comprising in-built manufacturing capabilities is crucial, and we ensure fuss-free, affordable, and quick implementation of the solution. From assembly to discrete manufacturing processes, kitting, engineer-to-order, or configure-to-order, we have implemented and configured ERP solutions for every aspect of the manufacturing business.

With our SAP Business One Warehouse Management services, you can easily manage warehouse operations while integrating supply chain logistics and ensuring smooth distribution processes. Our solutions help businesses to deliver the ultimate control and visibility. From optimizing inventory tracking, distribution operations, and cross-docking to multi-channel fulfillment, we can handle every aspect of Warehouse Management. Our services include cloud and on-premise deployment, integrated track-and-trace, and production processes, and effective warehouse automation management.

SAP Business One for the Retail and Hospitality Industry delivers a complete view of the business so that individuals can get an instant status of profitability, orders, and inventory by product and location. Our services are ideal for franchise operators, multi-location retailers, and national and regional chain stores. Visiontech offers customized SAP Business One solutions for effective Credit Card Processing, Reporting Across different Locations, Replenishment and Purchasing, Service Management, Time Sensitive promotions, and Pricing, Logistics, fulfillment, and shopping, and Integrated Customer Management.

Visiontech's SAP Business One Professional solutions for Service Industry are ideal for professional and business services comprising complex, long-term projects, short, and turnaround jobs. Our services are aimed at acquiring and maintaining clients and ensuring that jobs and projects are profitably executed. Our tailored solutions are suited for Sales Order Management, Case Management, Expense and Time Management, Account Receivables, Invoicing, Customer Management, Recurring and Deferred Billing, and Service Management.

Visiontech has helped many food and beverages businesses to overcome their challenges and struggles. We have implemented and configured ERP solutions for various food and beverage distribution and processing businesses. Our experience with different food and beverage manufacturing, distribution, and processing allows us to understand the unique requirements of our clients.

Auto Components is one of the best business solutions for streamlining SAP implementation in the industry. As your qualified SAP partner, Visiontech will help you keep up with innovations and change regulations by altering processes. Plus, we also enable new sales and manufacturing models through effective customer engagement and excellence in asset and plant operations. Our solutions are ideal for manufacturing automotive components, spare parts, or any other auto component-related business.

As one of the highly credible SAP partners, Visiontech's SAP Business One solution for Chemical businesses leverages advanced business models and technology for driving value and innovation throughout the chemical enterprise. Our solutions include Import Management, Talent Management, Transaction Management, Formulation Management, Critical Data Management, Safety Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Procedural Management, and RF Handheld Integration.

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