With multiple communication channels across devices, it can be time-consuming and costly to efficiently manage all platforms together. Empower your workforce with the ability to connect anywhere, anytime. Integrate Unified communication solutions with your workforce devices and boost productivity instantly!

IP Telephony

Leading the way in revolutionizing unified communications is IP Telephony. Backed with powerful technologies, these communication endpoints provide unhindered connectivity to both on-site and off-site employees. Experience better voice quality and seamless functionality with premium brand IP phones such as Avaya and Mitel. Let's build the perfect communication network for your office.

Hosted Communication Networks

Eliminate the cost of PBX and deploy an inexpensive IP telephony experience with private clouds. We host and support organisations' communications networks while ensuring high-class quality and data security. Through private clouds, you can have complete control over the technology deployed and no data is shared with any other organisation. Additionally, our capabilities include automatic call distribution (ACD) and interactive voice response (IVR) to support on-cloud call centres.

IP Telephony and Call Centre Services

Our team on excellent engineers are well equipped to understand and design the perfect service module for your IP Telephony and Call Centre requirements. We help with setting up the right infrastructure to carry out everyday communications at your organisation keeping the cost factor in check.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

When your workforce is distributed across the globe, it bring the flexibility of accessing calls from any device. With Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, one can make and receive external phone calls as well on any device using Teams. It essentially provides a PSTN (public switched telephone network) which provides the unhindered connectivity. There are two ways this solution can be deployed in an organisation based on the size.

Our UC Solutions offerings

Communications and Messaging

Managing multiple channels for communication and messaging can be tedious as well as tiresome. Unified messaging integrates different forms of communication media such as mail, SMS, messaging, voicemail, etc., on a single application, helping the user access everything at one place. Help your workforce stay connected seamlessly through easy and familiar applications with Unified Communications and Messaging.

Platform and Infrastructure

Every organization and its communication needs are different. Having a unique solution that works best for your organization is a must to obtain desired results. As most of the organizations already have a communication structure in place, it is important to merge the old infrastructure with the new one. This can be achieved with a proper Unified Communication strategy that can develop along with the company.

Video and Conferencing

Bring your workforce together from different parts of world in the most human way possible – video conferencing. Conferencing allows employees to have conversations in a remote environment, keeping the productivity intact. With powerful video conferencing tools, add impact and meaning to each conversation like never before!

Contact Center

Manage all interactions across various channels from a single place and boost efficiency. There are multiple Contact Center Solutions such as Basic Voice only, with Digital channels (Email, Webchat, SMS), integration with social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.), and integration with Business Applications (Customer CRM). We help organizations choose the best solution for their business needs and manage it in the most efficient way possible.


Want to have near life like conversations? Telepresence is the key! Experience the true power of technology with highly integrated multi-codec, multi-monitor, multi-microphone, and multi-channel speaker systems. Bring life to all meetings with stunning interactive video conferencing and top-notch audio clarity.

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Benefits of Unified Communications

Managed Unified communication services are rapidly paving way to more productive and convenient workplaces. It allows businesses to tackle multiple challenges that arise due to dispersed and disintegrated communication channels. Having unified communication and collaboration solutions provide following benefits to a business:
  • Easily connect remote employees
  • Single platform to manage all communication channels
  • Highly scalable, grows with your business
  • Audio and Video conferencing solutions at one place
  • Reduce communication cost by eliminating overlapping services
  • Boost employee and team productivity

Your Trusted Partner for Unified Communications

Visiontech provides end-to-end services including Designing, Implementing, Managing Unified Communication and Collaborative solutions for small, medium, and large enterprises. Our team of expert engineers ensure quality service and installation to enable to best-in-class experience for your business and employees.

Visiontech, being associated with industry leaders of Unified Communications, defines the right unified communications solution for your business. Starting from communications, conferencing, and infrastructure solutions that support real-time engagement by integrating voice, video, data, messaging, conferencing, mobility, and more.

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